Chicago Civil Litigation Attorney

A Knowledgeable Cook County Commercial Litigation Attorney

Business contracts pose many challenges. If not effectively drafted, their terms may easily be misconstrued and misapplied. In turn, breached contracts often result in frustration, hassle and great expense for one or both parties.

As an experienced Chicago civil litigation lawyer, I help save clients time and money by efficiently negotiating and effectively litigating on their behalf in contract disputes. My years of experience handling highly complex commercial litigation cases in Illinois allows me to offer sophisticated legal services without the expense of hiring large law firms.

I strive to be upfront with all my clients and responsive to their concerns. I make sure they understand the legal implications of their claims as well as the likely outcomes of litigation.

Standing Up for Small Business Owners

No matter what type of business a client runs, problems inevitably arise. Some of these problems – such as breach of contract, partnership disputes or problems with creditors – require skillful legal assistance in order to attain the most positive outcome.

At my law firm, I have helped numerous small business owners and business entities to effectively resolve their legal issues. Whether involved in the formation or dissolution of a business entity, the drafting of an organizational agreement or the litigation of a collections dispute, I vigorously pursue my clients’ best interests.

Learn More About My Services

For those entangled in a commercial or business law dispute, my law firm can be a high-quality resource. Fill out the online contact form or call Michael W. Kelly, Attorney at Law, at

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