Chicago Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Real Estate Litigation Attorney and Chicago Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Real estate can be a very significant investment for both individuals and small businesses. When that investment is threatened — whether by a bank foreclosing on one’s home, having a sales contract fall through or other issues —the aid of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer can be invaluable.

At my Chicago law firm, I help homeowners, landlords, condominium associations and other clients to purchase, preserve and protect their real estate investments. Because I am well versed in Illinois real estate issues, I am able to help clients avoid potential pitfalls in the legal process.

Landlord-Tenant Law

I assist landlords with all kinds of legal matters, including evictions, security deposits, property damage and maintenance issues. Because I understand the local and state laws to which a lease must comply, my firm is able to help landlords protect themselves from liability under the Chicago city ordinances. I help defend their rights to repossess property, recover back rent and avoid incurring liability to their tenants.

Sales Contract and Earnest Money Disputes

In today’s world, many real estate sales contracts fall apart due to financing, low appraisals or other problems before closing. Buyers initially agree to a contract they did not thoroughly read, or sometimes they miss a deadline. In such cases, the buyer’s escrow deposit is on the line. I work with buyers and sellers to help resolve earnest money disputes.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Many families and homeowners do not realize there are legal routes available that can allow them to stay in their home longer or avoid foreclosure altogether. As a Chicago real estate litigation lawyer, I help homeowners to explore all their options for loan modifications, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and more.

Just hiring a lawyer can save a homeowner money in the long run, even if it just means staying in your home an extra six to 12 months during the foreclosure process.

For a free initial consultation with Michael W. Kelly, Attorney at Law, call 312-662-1716 or contact the firm online.

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