At the Law Offices of Michael W. Kelly, my firm is dedicated to upholding the best interests of my clients and pursuing positive results in all areas of my practice, including construction law, commercial litigation, and real estate disputes.

My typical clients include:

General Contractors and Subcontractors  who need advice on negotiating project specific contracts, preparing or modifying form contracts, perfecting and foreclosing on mechanics lien and bond claims in Illinois, change order disputes, and design or construction defects. I handle all manner of disputes related to construction projects, including issues related to insurance coverage and your insurer’s duty to defend and indemnify.

Owners and Developers seeking representation in connection with construction disputes in the City of Chicago.

Landlords seeking need to recover rent, evict a residential or commercial tenant, or ensure that a lease complies with local and state laws.

Small business owners  involved in commercial litigation due to contract disputes, management disputes, and more.

Homeowners in the process of building or renovating their homes or involved in real estate disputes.

Depending on the dispute, I often offer certain legal services for flat rates, including:

Mechanics lien preparation, including preparation and service of 90-day notices, subcontractor and contractor claims for mechanics liens; and,

Commercial and Residential Evictions for nonpayment of rent and possession of the property.

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To discuss a potential case or to simply learn more about the Law Offices of Michael W. Kelly, call 312.662.1716, email me at, or use the online contact form. Messages are returned promptly.

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