Notable Decisions

Hernandez v. Lifeline Ambulance, LLC, 2020 IL 124610 – I represent the Plaintiff, who suffered injuries when a private ambulance ran a red light and collided with a minivan. After a successful appeal, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the appellate court’s ruling that the immunity provisions of the Illinois Emergency Medical Services System Act did not apply to the private ambulance owner and the plaintiff may pursue claims for negligence. The matter is now pending before the trial court.

6154 N. Oakley, LLC v. 6154 Oakley LLC, 2021 IL App (1st) 192072-U – On a 2-619 Motion to Dismiss, I obtained dismissal with prejudice of a complaint seeking to unwind the short sale of multi-unit apartment building in Chicago for over $1M and resulting in the forgiveness of debt in excess of $2M. The complaint arose from a dispute between the developer’s managers and members. The appellate court affirmed the trial court’s dismissal in an unpublished decision.

Hernandez v. Lifeline Ambulance, LLC, 2019 IL App (1st) 180696, 429 Ill. Dec. 723, 125 N.E.3d 429 – Before this case went before the Illinois Supreme Court, I successfully appealed the trial court’s dismissal of our negligence claims. The First District ruled that the private ambulance owner was not entitled to immunity under the Emergency Medical Services System Act.

Father & Sons Home Improvement II, Inc. v. Stuart, 2016 IL App (1st) 143666, 402 Ill. Dec. 660, 52 N.E.3d 581 – I represented the homeowners against claims brought by a contractor. The trial court granted summary judgment in our favor, finding that the mechanics lien claim was fraudulently overstated and awarding homeowners their attorney fees under the Mechanics Lien Act. The appellate court affirmed on appeal.

Mechanics Lien Claims

In 2020, I worked with subcontractors to recover payment on multiple claims for lien against public projects with DWM, CHA, and CPS.

I also represented a general contractor in the successful resolution of multiple lien claims and a change order dispute with the City of Chicago, Department of Aviation, arising from a project to improve Midway Airport.

In 2019, I obtained partial summary judgment on behalf of an electrical subcontractor in a suit to foreclose on a mechanics lien against a luxury condominium building constructed in Chicago.

In 2016, I obtained summary judgment against a contractor for filing a fraudulent mechanics lien against residential homeowners and obtained an award of attorney’s fees under Section 17 of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act. The ruling was affirmed on appeal. Father & Sons Home Improvement II, Inc. v. Stuart, 2016 IL App (1st) 143666.

I recently helped a general contractor recover unpaid amounts in a dispute arising out of a design-build addition and renovation of commercial property. The project involved work performed pursuant to a cost-plus fee agreement with a guaranteed maximum price and an arbitration clause. We filed the arbitration demand and the owner asserted a counterclaim for defective work in excess of $200,000 and challenged the contractor’s right to recover increased general conditions as the result of increased scope of work. Prior to the arbitration hearing, the amount of the counterclaim dropped by over $100,000. The matter settled on the first day of arbitration.

I represented multiple contractors in foreclosing on mechanics liens against a private building arising out of a multi-million-dollar tenant buildout. Working with the general contractor, my clients obtained payment in full from the building owner for the subcontractors.

I successfully represented a property owner against mechanics lien claim and breach of contract claim by a contractor responsible for installing a new roof on a commercial property. Working with my client and an expert, we resolved the matter without any further payments and obtained a release of lien.

Representing an owner and developer of commercial real estate, I resolved multiple mechanics liens filed by subcontractors when the general contractor became insolvent. Specifically, I obtained dismissal with prejudice of a subcontractor’s lien for $242,000 and negotiated favorable settlement of a lien recorded by an undisclosed subcontractor.

On the same project, I negotiated dismissal of a supplier’s claim for $137,000 in equitable relief and recovered payment of my fees and costs through settlement.

Construction Defects

Following a massive renovation of a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago, the owner sought to recover $2.5 million dollars to repair alleged defects in over 200 tile showers and the underlying liquid shower pan membranes. Representing the primary subcontractor, I worked with our client, its insurers, and the other parties to successfully resolve the lawsuit. Through fact discovery, we developed traditional defenses to liability, including defenses based on the statute of limitations and the Spearin doctrine. I then worked closely with my client and our experts to conduct a forensic investigation into the as built conditions of the showers to identify other potential causes of damage. I also used expert testimony to attack the plaintiff’s use of biased sampling techniques to extrapolate individual defects to calculate repair quantities.

More recently, I represented a masonry subcontractor facing claims of over $9 million to repair alleged defects in balcony columns, masonry facades and parapet walls of multiple condominium buildings. With my client and its insurers, I worked with multiple experts to develop defenses based on design errors, to challenge conclusions by the Plaintiff’s experts on causation, and to attack the scope and quantity of repairs.

Before the parties engaged in extensive litigation and destructive testing, I worked with other defendants and insurers to successfully resolve claims against a mason and other subcontractors for alleged defects in the building envelope of a high-rise condominium building.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Each of the above construction defect lawsuits resulted in multiple complaints filed by insurers for the subcontractor seeking to avoid the indemnity and their duty to defend the subcontractors against the underlying complaints. My knowledge of the underlying cases allowed me to obtain settlement contributions from multiple insurers in each case. I also successfully opposed summary judgement by one insurer and obtained summary judgment against another insurer on the insurer’s duty to pay for the defense of the subcontractors. In one case, I was able to locate GAP insurance policies and work with the insurer to negotiate direct coverage for defective work.

My knowledge and understanding of construction projects and underlying insurance issues allows me to work successfully on behalf of subcontractors and their insurers to successfully litigate or resolve claims for defective work.

Other Litigation

Recovered policy limits on behalf of a motorcycle rider injured by a drunk driver.

On behalf of a residential real estate seller, I negotiated a favorable settlement with the buyer over a six-figure earnest money deposit after buyer failed to close on a real estate sales contract.

I have successfully worked with owners, general contractors and subcontractors to resolve a number of related claims involving construction projects.

I have also successfully represented clients in a number of other disputes, including evictions, personal injury claims, and breach of contract claims.

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